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Chamber Connection Point - A Newsletter for our Members

The Connection Point is a monthly newsletter produced to keep the Fruita Area Chamber of Commerce members up to date regarding the Chamber and their community.  The newsletter covers a wide range of news for our members and community, so we can better connect various entities.  Our goal is to assist businesses through a team effort for everyone’s success.

Current Edition of the Chamber Connection Point

Learn the latest chamber news in the Chamber Connection Point, the Fruita Area Chamber of Commerce’s monthly online newsletter.

Click here for the current edition.

Do you have news about your business you want to share with your fellow Chamber Members?  If so, please submit your news to Chamber staff via email on or before the 25th of each month.  Your news can then be placed in the next month’s newsletter.

Newsletter Advertisement Rates

If you would like to connect to other members and the business community, we have advertisment options for our newsletter:

Page Ad:  5″ Wide x 4″ Tall – $25.00

Business Card Ad:  3.5″ Wide x 2″ Tall – $15.00

Prior Editions of The Chamber Connection

If you missed out on the past 2015 editions of The Chamber Connection Point Newsletter and would like to catch up on the news, you can now view prior editions via the below links.

January 2018               January 2017               January 2016                      January 2015

February 2018             February 2017              February 2016                     February 2015

March 2018                  March 2017                   March 2016                          March 2015

April 2018                     April 2017                      April 2016                             April 2015

May 2018                      May 2017                      May 2016                              May 2015

June 2018                     June 2017                     June 2016                             June 2015

July 2018                       July 2017                       July 2016                               July 2015

August 2018                  August 2017                   August 2016                          August 2015

September 2018           September 2017            September 2016                    September 2015

October 2018                October 2017                 October 2016                         October 2015

November 2018             November 2017              November 2016                     November 2015

December 2018             December 2017              December 2016                     December 2015

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