Student Support & Sucess

Welcome to the Fruita Chamber of Commerce, where we believe in fostering the growth and development of our community’s greatest asset: its students. Through our dedicated initiatives, we offer students a plethora of opportunities to thrive, from internships and mentorship programs to educational workshops and networking events tailored to their needs. By supporting students, we are investing in the future leaders and innovators of our area, nurturing talent that will drive economic prosperity and sustainable development.

At the Fruita Chamber, we recognize that supporting students is crucial for the economic development of our area and the overall well-being of our community. Students bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and boundless energy that invigorate our local economy. By providing them with resources, guidance, and opportunities, we empower them to excel academically and professionally, creating a skilled workforce that attracts businesses and fuels growth. Moreover, investing in students fosters a sense of belonging and pride in our community, cultivating a vibrant and dynamic environment where everyone can thrive.

Join us in supporting students and together, let’s build a brighter future for Fruita.


As a student member, you will have the opportunity to connect with business professionals, find potential jobs and internships, attend educational discussions and fun activities, and more importantly, find your place in our community.


The Fruita Area Chamber of Commerce Scholarships are available to our high school seniors attending Fruita Monument High School, home-schooled in the Fruita area, or Fruita area residents attending another high school within the Grand Valley.


Develop professional skills through local internship opportunties. See what is being offered by local businesses and the Fruita Chamber!

Are You A Local Business Looking To Support Students?

Learn how you can implement an intern into your office through the Mesa County Workforce Center! Through the Mesa County Workforce Center’s work experience internships, you can create an internship that provides valuable life skills while receiving financial compensation, and you receive a fully-funded intern! For full details and to learn more, go down below!