Friday, September 27, 2019
Registration begins at 4:45 pm
Race Begins at 5:30 pm
Race Location: E. Aspen Ave.
(between Elm Street. & Maple Street)

Six years and still running strong, the Fruita Fall Festival Outhouse Race kicks off a fun weekend of events and festivities. Sponsored by Western Rockies Federal Credit Union, this event brings out a showcase of creatively crafted latrines. There are no crummy cardboard cutouts for this race.

The Outhouse Race runs in stages, with the winner from each heat moving to the next heat. The First, Second, & Third Place overall winners receive a prize. But the First place winner rolls home with the coveted trophy!

All structures are made of solid materials and souped up with wheels. All outhouses are required to resemble an actual outdoor toilet, and a prize will be awarded for the most creatively designed outhouse. Let’s just hope that this year, no one pushes themselves past the tipping point!

Outhouse Race

Beauty Pageant

Grand Valley Bank Parade

Baking & Canning Contest

Pie Eating Contest

Beard Rally

Cornhole Tournament

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