The greatest medicine is to teach people how not to need it. At Fruita Chiropractic, they strive to make each and every patient feel and function at their highest level without drugs or surgery. They are a family based clinic and practice the philosophy of treating others the way you want to be treated. They do not put together extensive therapy plans that will break your bank account, but instead are out to provide the best care possible with clear prices.

It all started when Elizabeth and John Blaha, owners and massage therapists, were living in Nebraska. They had family that lived on the Western Slope and in a matter of a week, the idea of starting their own practice fell into place. Now, years later, they will be celebrating their 5 year anniversary on July 1st! Their biggest accomplishment is having a successful practice and living in such a supportive and wonderful small town. The biggest challenge in their industry is keeping up with growth. It can sometimes be a learning curve, but they are thrilled to have a steady patient base and are always accepting new patients.

There are approximately 5-6 staff members who enjoy their calm, laid back and quiet work environment and company culture. They specialize in deep tissue and medical massages. They serve all types of clients who have experienced a back injury, acute pain, workman’s comp, chronic conditions, accidents, sports physicals, and even ear infections! Having their own practice has taught them patience, growth and compassion for people. Elizabeth and Jon take pride in treating their clients and staff with dignity.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience one of Fruita Chiropractic’s Deep Tissue Massages, you have the opportunity to purchase a buy one get one half off special starting April 30th through Mother’s Day! They also host a bloodmobile outside of their office location twice a year in January and July. So be on the lookout for those dates! Stop in at their office located at 122 E Aspen Ave Unit A in Fruita, CO. You can also call them at 970-639-9730 or visit them online at to view a list of services and prices.