Nothing brings people together like good food. Rib City Grill is a fast casual BBQ restaurant with exceptional customer service, and amazing food quality. I was lucky enough to sit down for lunch with owner, Mike Spradlin, while enjoying their secret menu item – The Flying Pig. Rib City is locally owned and has 3 locations here on the Western Slope in Fruita, Grand Junction and Rifle. The Fruita location recently underwent a remodel and as you can see from their photos, they did an outstanding job in a short period of time. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out their new set up, I highly recommend you treat yourself to some BBQ this weekend! The Fruita location is ay 455 Kokopelli Blvd and they can be reached at 970-858-6566 or visit their website for the menu at Rib City specializes in consistent quality food with consistent friendly service at a fair price. You can always count on what you’re going to get when you go to Rib City. They also specialize in catering, so be sure to check out their catering menu for your next big event!

Mike has always been a food guy. He was visiting his brother in Florida for a fishing tournament and the two of them ended up meeting some people who had already started Rib City in Florida. His brother ended up opening 12 Rib City Grill’s in Florida and Mike was called in to help with anything from catering to help run the fryer. He then met Sara and they both moved to Colorado where they proceeded to open multiple Rib City locations. It is a huge accomplishment to provide a dependable and friendly spot where people can come and eat. It is comfortable setting and they appreciate when customers want to spend their hard earned money in their establishment. They strive to be a good community member and participate in events.

Owning and managing a business teaches you a lot, but Mike lives by the Golden Egg theory. You must nurture and protect a golden goose to produce a golden egg. That is the same mindset Rib City holds for its customers as well as the staff who help operate the business. He treats his customers and staff like an investment because it wouldn’t be possible without them! They have a corporate culture to communicate objectively and top notch customer service. Customer service is key and employees at Rib City are given a clear job description with high expectations. They are also reward friendly and participate in programs like the Secret Shopper program which helps keep the standards set high. The two most important factors are food quality and customer service.

There are always new lunch specials – so be sure to stop in and check out the menu for all of the current specials being offered at ll locations. Their catering company has also started to offer off the menu catering which allows them to cater breakfast, street tacos and more! The ultimate goal is when people leave, they want to come back again. Rib City is very pleased with the Fruita community and takes pride in being part of it.